Volume 91, Issue 48

Friday, November 21, 1997

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Slam the sham

Re: EPC policy goes to Ottawa, Nov.6

To the Editor:
I bet Ryan Parks and his EPC cronies are feeling pretty good about themselves. Unfortunately, their feeble attempt to justify the existence of the EPC is just that: feeble. Trying to project the EPC as the "superhero" of student concerns is quite misleading. For Michael Rubinoff to come out and say that Joe Fontana's private member's bill "comes as a direct result of the initiatives of the EPC" is a farce. In fact, it is a cheap attempt to justify a $20,000 sham and build momentum for an otherwise dull and boring wannabe town-hall meeting.

How about a dose of reality for the EPC? The UWO Young Liberals have been pushing for student issues since last year's model parliament, when we presented the Canada Education Act. We have been working with Mr. Fontana, Tony Valleri (parliamentary secretary to the minister of finance) and Finance Minister Paul Martin on a number of student issues; including an income related prepayment program, which will be presented to the party at our bienniel conference in March.

So perhaps the EPC should try a little harder to justify their $20,000 sham, if that is possible. Better yet, why don't they slam the sham and admit that the EPC is a large waste of student money?

Nawaz Tahir
President, UWO Young Liberals

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