Volume 91, Issue 48

Friday, November 21, 1997

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EPC worked hard

Re: EPC success?, Nov.11

To the Editor:
I would like to begin by assuring all undergraduates at Western that during my term as president, the USC has never and will never embark on any ill-conceived and expensive experiments with student money.

I will also state, without hesitation, that I am proud of the efforts of the Education Party, the USC for supporting it and all the volunteers who made this initiative possible. The Education Party of Canada has been and continues to be an excellent tool for representing the interests of students to the government, informing the external community and developing policy. The benefits can be seen as Joe Fontana plans to introduce a private member's bill in the House of Commons, as the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations adopts, in principle, portions of the EPC platform and as other student governments across the country request more information on our experiences while seriously considering this as a viable addition to their representational efforts.

This is not about partisan politics. The USC did not donate money to a "political" party. It donated money for the creation of a party whose platform would be entirely its own. There is nothing in the EPC's policy which conflicts with what we as a student government are lobbying for on behalf of our students and society.

I am curious to know where the young reform critics were during the USC presidential campaign. During those two weeks in February, I spent quite a bit of my campaign talking about running a candidate in the next Federal election. During the campaign, I explained this initiative in The Gazette, on CHRW radio, at nearly all the presidential forums and with many students who asked about what I would do if elected. There was not one comment, concern or question raised by young reform critics regarding this promise.

This is not to say they have no right to question the actions of myself or the USC, but at the very least they could do a little bit of homework and get their numbers straight. I would like to clarify some of the misconceptions surrounding the USC's contribution to the Education Party of Canada. The total amount donated by the USC was $13,000. Ray Novak, director-at-large of the UWO Reform Club, must be misinformed because clearly $13,000 is not "tens of thousands of dollars".

I'm sorry if this unique form of representation offends your partisan politics or party affiliation. I was hoping everyone would set these aside for the good of the student cause.

Ryan Parks
President, USC

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