Volume 91, Issue 48

Friday, November 21, 1997

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Harris stops buck

Re: Bill 160

To the Editor:
Accountability is a simple means to sum up Bill 160. Just as unions are accountable to their voting members (not students), elected officials hold accountability to every voting member of this province. This includes:

1) Standardized testing and report cards reward teaching excellence and bring to light teaching inadequacies. Parents and teachers alike deserve an accurate performance assessment.

2) The inherently irresponsible practice of giving local boards a blank cheque on property tax mill rates is clearly demonstrated by a disproportionate rise in property taxes compared to central funding in the past 15 years.

3) Common sense dictates the fundamental need for elected officials rather than union bosses to negotiate major decisions on our children's behalf. The contrary has provided lackluster results.

4) Deficit spending means just that – spending money we don't have.

The buck stops with our elected Premier, not with the Ontario Teachers' Federation. Ontarians did indeed vote for change.

Faizal Bawa
Medicine III

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