Volume 91, Issue 48

Friday, November 21, 1997

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V-ballers continue bid for perfection

By Justin Klein
Gazette Staff

Tom Baumgartner/Gazette
SOME PEOPLE ASK ME WHY MY WRIST IS SO STRONG. Andrew Coles [11] and Chris Gruhn [15] attempt to deflect the ball back to the opposing side in last Wednesday's volleyball action.

Western's volleyball teams simply can't be beat. Undefeated heading into Wednesday night's match-ups against Waterloo, both Mustang squads continued their invincible image by defeating their challengers – 3-2 in the men's game, while the women dominated a 3-0 sweep. The victories improved both records to 6-0 on the season.

The men's team, currently sitting in first place in the Ontario West division, were unable to grab the upper hand to start the first match. The team failed to control the ball as well as their opponents and found themselves trailing by a game after they committed several unforced errors.

"As a team we weren't capitilizing on many occasions," captain Andrew Brunton said. "We were hitting too many unforced errors and we seemed to correct this error in the second game."

Brunton's words rang true as the team played under more control in the second game. The team managed to cut down the number of unforced errors and came ahead 15-6. The momentum the Mustangs had built seemed to stay on Western's court as they won two of the next three games to take home the victory.

"We had trouble finishing for much of the match," Mustang head coach Dave Preston said. "Luckily it was depth that carried us out and most importantly we took home the victory."

Highlights from this game included great inside hitting and blocking by rookie sensation Jeremy Jonckheere and excellent outside hitting by the steady rookie Chris Gruhn, who continued to impress both their coaches and teammates with an incredible talent for the game.

On the women's side, the Mustangs found little challenge from their opponents. With all 12 players on the team getting a chance to pick apart their opponent's defence, the team won a convincing 3-0, losing only 13 points in total,

"I was happy with the control that our team showed," Mustang head coach Dean Lowrie said. "It is a great feeling to know that all 12 players can be relied on at any time."

The team received a strong effort by third-year player Stephanie Cahill, who played her position on the right side with power and finesse. Another great effort came from the hard-hitting Marnie Simpson who had six kills and eight digs. Simpson also dominated Waterloo with her spike serve, which racked up four aces. Uncommon at the university level, Simpson is one of the select players in the league to have a spike serve.

"Marnie Simpson was her typical self as usual," Lowrie said. "Her powerful and impressive spike serve was on and it seemed to bewilder the other team."

The women's team has yet to be seriously challenged yet this year. The team remains undefeated and holds top spot in the women's Ontario West division.

"I think the team's biggest weakness is the fact that no team has challenged us this far," Lowrie said.

The men will be travel to Guelph today for the Guelph Invitational, while the women will return the Warriors' visit today as they travel to Waterloo before hosting the Nipissing Lakers for a two-game homestand.

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