Volume 91, Issue 49

Tuesday, November 25, 1997



Learn and grow

Re: Academics and Christianity forum

To the Editor:
On Friday, Nov. 14, Asian Christian Fellowship held a forum between students and a panel of faculty to discuss whether Christianity and academics mix.

In our discussions, we alluded from the purpose of teaching to specifics such as the topic of evolution. There were points of view from the sciences to business to theology. The general consensus was that Christianity has some place in academia along with other points of view. One interesting point was that many who claim to be non-biased are indeed interpreting data/information with their own beliefs (or standards) in mind. Therefore, one can not truly be unbiased.

We came without all the answers and we left without all the answers. As a student, I left with a broader understanding of where academia came from and where perhaps it is going. May many more discussions such as this be held and, in turn, do what we came here to do – to learn everything there is to know.

Alvin Lau
Asian Christian Fellowship

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