Volume 91, Issue 50

Wednesday, November 26, 1997



Premium party pointers

Cocktail Parties for Dummies
Jaymz Bee
IDG Books Worldwide
$21.99 / 251 pps.

Following the extremely overused marketing tool of "Books for Dummies" started by those helpful but annoying computer manuals, comes Cocktail Parties for Dummies. Although the ploy itself is tired, this book is an essential handbook for anyone who ever thought about throwing a party.

Since the handbook is written largely by Jaymz Bee, there is no doubt the advice it offers has been tested to the limit. Bee has amazing credentials and is well known as "one of Canada's premier party consultants and special events coordinators." His resumé also includes parties thrown for the likes of Wes Craven, Timothy Leary, Jim Carrey and Weird Al Yankovic.

This is the reason the book is so darned handy and insightful – Bee provides many personal anecdotes to back up his suggestions and advice. These short tales also provide a lot of the humour inherent in the book, which makes it entertaining to read even if one is not planning a party. Bee describes a theme party at the "Funny Farm" in a rural community in Southwestern Ontario, where "every room in the large farmhouse was painted a different color and every item in the room matched."

Bee's book is incredibly detailed, offering themes for both large and small parties, dealing with party crashers, recipies and amounts of food and drink necessary for whatever crowd in attendance. Even if you never considered having a party – you will after reading this book.

Jaymz Bee has persevered in the face of a dying cocktail and lounge trend, eternally cheerful as Canada's premier party man. Bee has all the angles covered with this book, providing music and research suggestions which include his own web page and lounge music compilations. Despite the obvious money-hungriness of Bee's intentions, Cocktail Parties for Dummies is a sure way to put some flair into any soirée.

–Lisa Weaver

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