Volume 91, Issue 50

Wednesday, November 26, 1997



Grammer goofs

Re: Poor Housekeeping, Nov.18

To the Editor:
It's just a thought, but maybe a good way to begin tackling the huge task of convincing Maclean's (and a lot of other people) that Western doesn't "suck" would be to get people who can actually WRITE to pen the editorials. Me and my housemate have amused ourselves all year by playing "Spot The Grammar Mistakes" within the pages of The Gazette, but with Tuesday's editorial you topped yourselves.

"What kind of consolation are upper-year students given to know that regardless of what these rankings show, they are receiving the high quality of education they deserve?" Well, none, if sentences as terrible that keep getting printed. You also had a mistake involving tenses; "The same day the survey IS released, Western LAUNCHED a shiny new advertising campaign...", and used the word "affect" incorrectly in the next paragraph. Does anyone actually proofread these things?

I suppose you could call this nitpicking, but if you want to be taken seriously as a campus newspaper, it would help if your editorials (ostensibly the most "important" part of the entire paper) didn't contain mistakes which wouldn't have slipped through to publication in the weekly xeroxed newsletter students at my high school put out.

Beau Levitt

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