Volume 91, Issue 50

Wednesday, November 26, 1997



Stay with gay

Re: Stop your whining, Nov.20

To the Editor:
Jeff Gardiner, you call me repugnant, childish and irrational? It does not get more childish than resorting to name-calling.

I wouldn't want someone like you agreeing with me! But you just prove my point exactly about the silent injunctions that people like you continue to use against gays, lesbians and bisexuals. I will never submit to injunctions that violate my conscience. My individual bravery is not the issue but other men and women with transformed cultural norms. Nor do I pretend to possess the knowledge of the 'answers,' 'how tos' or even the 'right course of action.'

I just identify the creases in the flag and it is up to everyone to iron them out. I see you as one of the remaining fossils left behind who will have to be chiselled out of the layers of lost stone because of your frigidity, aggressive attitude to cover your fear and a pitiful narrow-mindedness that, funny enough, you seem to be proud of. Are you wearing blinkers? Do you not see the fact of it? Or the imperceptible erosion of our integrity and our relationships? We should instead be endeavoring to clarify our commonalties and differences. You not only try to deny us to love but the very fact of our existence. Who needs protection from whom? Oh, you just stick to your 'solidarity' and be that oh so 'honourable man' that you have shown us you are. Do you for one second view what you are saying in a benevolent light? Apparently there is no hypothetically 'just' world. Nothing you have said so far has been constructive or worthwhile but has been, rather, a failed attempt to force further isolation and vulnerability and has added to the already pampered and fluffed cultural climate that enforces this very denial that I speak of.

Your ignorance and hatred only strengthen our resolve to be more open. Your denial is a lie and it is no solitary lie as there is no such thing. I applaud your honesty quotient. What are we in this world? And what kind of world is this anyway? Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Sara Archer
Arts I

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