Volume 91, Issue 50

Wednesday, November 26, 1997



Doubt the rank

Re: On Cloud Nine?, Nov. 18

To the Editor:
Like many Western students, the controversy surrounding the Maclean's university rankings concerns me greatly. It seems ludicrous that an outside force can dictate the value of a Western degree. Mr. Parks' decision to set up a Maclean's commissioner is a positive step in attempting to change our image, but I believe more drastic measures are needed. To that end, I propose the USC set up a new commission. The commission shall be called "The Authority in Magazine Rankings!" The rankings shall be released annually one week prior to that of Maclean's. In these rankings, we shall rank according to however we feel and we shall refuse to do in-depth research. As well, Maclean's magazine shall and will be ranked last in every category. And yes, it will be ranked even below Mad magazine. However, it will be awarded gold medal for winning the "Propaganda" category. If those clowns want to rank us in this manner, we will fight back and rank them in the same manner.

Nitin Patel
Hon. Economics II

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