Volume 91, Issue 51

Thursday, November 27, 1997

Mike the Knife


Cliff joins postal pickets

Cliff's mailbag is a weekly column which attempts to answer the myriad of questions inquiring Western students are going out of their minds trying to figure out. From Western questions, to science questions, to inane trivial nonsense – intrepid Cliff will ferret out the answer...or DIE TRYING!!! Send questions to UCC, Room 263 c/o Cliff or email gaznews@julian.uwo.ca

Hello faithful readers. As many of you know, the postal strike has hit Canadians with all the chaos of a group of monks at a bible sale. As a result, Cliff was unable to answer any questions. Cliffette, however, the capitalist, money-hoarding scab that she is, crossed the picket line to fill Cliff's large, smelly, union brother shoes. So sit back dear reader and let Cliffette lull you into sweet contentment as she answers the following question, posed by Mr. Bob Klanac:

Why does the Student Development Centre have security alarms? What do they have to steal?

Cliffette visited helpful Nancy down at the resource centre and she told Cliffette they do have things to steal. The SDC (as it's called by those "in the know") has books and videos the odd student has tried to abscond with.

The books and videos have code bars similar to those on library books–too similar! Occasionally, students with library books in their bags have set the lights flashin' and the sirens wailin'! Apparently, some brands of running shoes also set it off. Weird!

Cliff will return.

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