Volume 91, Issue 51

Thursday, November 27, 1997

Mike the Knife


Tattoo psychosis?

Re: Attempting to rationalize the rash tattoo trend, Nov.21

To the Editor:

Perhaps a more revealing article would have been called "Attempting to rationalize the fact that people feel they have to rationalize the rash tattoo trend." After all, the people who wear tattoos have obviously rationalized getting one already. I'm sure they don't need you to do their reasoning for them.

Then why are so many people, who have apparently thought the whole thing through, getting their tattoos removed you ask? Social pressure. Apparently two out of the top three reasons people have for removing tattoos, according to this article, are due to external pressure on the tattoo owner (unsuitable at work and spousal pressure – boy, it looks like my goals to stay unemployed and unwed are the right ones), which brings me back to my main point. Why are you so concerned with other people's tattoos, piercings or whatever? I simply don't see what concern it is of yours. Could it have something to do with the air of conservatism which hangs heavy over this school, or maybe it's just that The Gazette staff is running low on interesting article ideas.

Please spare us from your pathetic attempt to 'delve into London's subculture' or whatever it is you're trying to accomplish with this article. Stop pretending that you understand people better than they understand themselves. It's obvious that you have no clue what you're talking about when making ridiculous comments like "The recipient must also endure blood, scabbing and numerous applications of Polysporin – all this to earn the increasingly popular distinction of being the owner of a tattoo." Personally, I think enduring these physical pains is far less torturous than reading about myself from you and your interviewee's point of view.

Jesse Greener
Grad. Physics I

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