Volume 91, Issue 51

Thursday, November 27, 1997

Mike the Knife


Inaccessible campus

Re: Western accessibility

To the Editor:

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the only handicapped accessible doorway, which allows access directly (almost) from the UCC to the entrance of D.B. Weldon Library, has been blocked off for the winter.

It makes me feel so welcome at Western to know the only accessible doorway, which allows the handicapped to come out in the same region as the non-handicapped AND at the front of the UCC, is only available to us during the warm months. (For those of you who seem to feel a need for explanations or translations of contents, the previous sentence was meant as SARCASM, not as an "Ode to the Joy of the Disabled Students at Western.") I can hardly wait for the day I find that the access to the lower level of UCC has been closed for some obscure reason, since the back entrance of the UCC (the other accessible door) is frequently locked by 4 p.m. (if it is ever even unlocked during the day).

If I sound a bit irritated, allow me to assure you that is one of the understatements of the year. Let me also assure you that my anger is not directed at my fellow students, but at the persons responsible for such blatant disregard for disabled students – who have paid the same tuition as other students but are not allowed access to some areas of the campus simply because we must use different means of transportation. It is difficult enough being disabled, without the added insult of not being allowed the same access every other student enjoys. Or, is it possible that someone out there (this means you, my fellow students) needs to let the management of this institution know that the needs of all of the students on this campus are not being met? (I have already tried and I have been completely ignored).

A big "THANK YOU" to those who came to my rescue when I was thrown from my scooter, when it hydroplaned off of the sidewalk, on the way down University Collage hill. A special "thank you" to the gentleman who held my crutches steady, so that I could pull myself back up-right again (I am not certain I would have been able to get up without your help). And another "thank you" to all of my fellow students who open doors and generally go out of their way to make my way through the university easier. Believe me, I appreciate your efforts.

Barbara F. Hoy
Visual Arts/Psychology II

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