Volume 91, Issue 52

Friday, November 28, 1997

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Rock for and earthy cause

Graphic by Colin Dunne

By Erin Bateman
Gazette Writer

Twenty-six years ago, the good ship Phylis Cormack embarked on a journey which continues to provoke the minds of many individuals today. Greenpeace (formerly 'Don't make a Wave') was fed up and ready to take a stand against the thoughtlessness and lackadazical attitude of the government on subjects concerning nuclear/chemical reactors and whale sanctuaries. On Saturday, Greenpeace brings to Call the Office a show, with hopes to raise awareness among London residents and increase numbers of group members.

Bands helping the cause include Consume, Tariq and Matt Gove of Spy Glass, with Sarah Fox of Bunny Hoover and Randy Pederson of Champion Sprout. The purpose of this benefit concert is to raise money and increase strength of the local Greenpeace office. The office frequently talks to many groups about different topics which include saving the whales, in hopes to increase public awareness.

Pederson, currently field manager of Greenpeace, specified his target area as "anybody and everybody." In response to the concert atmosphere, Pederson adds, "It's just your normal rock show." These bands were chosen with precision and care in order to avoid the label "pot-smokin'-tree-hugger" or "Dead head" – this common thought is definitely "not what [the whole environmental act] is about."

Greenpeace currently holds two international seats in the United Nations. As well as increasing pressure on the government. This group of environmentalists acts as a watchdog over the entire world. Members hope to increase environmental knowledge and change the world for the better.

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