Volume 91, Issue 52

Friday, November 28, 1997

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Foot in mouth

Re: Grammar Goofs, Nov.26

To the Editor:
As I read through Beau Levitt's letter, I too decided to play "Spot The Grammar Mistakes." Unfortunately, I had to look no farther than the first paragraph of Levitt's letter to find what I was looking for. Anybody who would write "Me and my housemate have amused ourselves all year..." when EVERYONE knows that "me" is the OBJECTIVE form of "I" and is, therefore, used in the improper context, should, perhaps, proofread their OWN material before trying to correct others. I suppose Levitt is used to this type of "nit-picking" and will, therefore, take it in stride and come to the startling realization that nobody (not even him) is perfect.

Brian Ferguson
Economics IV

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