Volume 91, Issue 37

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

till you drop


Bag of ward hopefuls show their goods

By Maija Ambrogio
Gazette Staff

This week's municipal election coverage includes profiles of the candidates for ward two city councillor positions. Each day we will feature profiles on several candidates. Pick up Friday's paper for more voting information and don't forget election day is Nov. 10.

Ward two candidate Joe Swan is the executive director of Information London. An incumbent since 1988, Swan said he is running again because his experience and knowledge of the ward are needed on council.

"Responsibilities are growing and the budgets are shrinking. I want to use my experience to protect ward two," he said. He added he is also promoting the development of an all-purpose recreation centre in North London.

Matthew Kennedy is a realtor in London. He said he is running to try and effect change in a system that is falling apart. "The people of ward two are outraged by the total breakdown of the decision-making process in town hall."

Kennedy said he has no hidden agendas and will offer responsibility, accountability and honesty to the constituents of ward two.

Rob Alder is a doctor of epistemology at the Middlesex-London Health Unit. He is also an assistant professor of medicine at Western and a trustee of the London Board of Education.

"I would like to be involved in the governance of health services such as ambulatory care, public health and long-term care. I am also committed to preserving the quality of residential neighbourhoods in ward two," he said.

Alder said his position as assistant professor at Western will keep him in touch with student issues and if elected, the university community would be better represented on city council.

Real estate sales representative Jim Smith said he is running for ward two councillor to bring a fresh approach to city hall. "Nothing of any significance has happened in our downtown in six years – this must change."

Smith said he is accessible to students as he has grown up in the university community and worked on numerous fund-raising events in conjunction with Western. He would like to make alternative laws regarding absentee landlords to improve housing situations for students.

Linda Freeman is a Canada Post letter carrier and a trustee on the London Board of Education. She is running to have a hand in the decision making of city council. "I would particularly like to see improvements to the current Neighbourhood Watch and Block Parent programs, especially in newer neighbourhoods."

She said she is in touch with student issues and encourages more students to vote. She is also concerned with overzealous parking enforcement in student housing areas and would like to see this changed. "It is ridiculous, they don't have to hit students up for this money."

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