Volume 91, Issue 38

Wednesday, November 5, 1997

Nip it in the bud


Help available for victims of assault

Re: Drawing the line on sexual assault, Oct. 29

To the Editor:

While it is important for women to be careful in such situations, it is also important people realize that MOST sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows and trusts. In fact, the majority of sexual assaults occur inside of relationships and about half of all assaults occur in the home of the victim.

StRIVE (Students Reducing Interpersonal Violence Through Education) exists at Western to promote dialogue about sexual assault and hopefully clear up any misconceptions men have about proper behaviour in sexual activity. They work to convey the message that sexual assault is not about mentally ill men hiding in bushes on campus. It is about a breach of trust between two people resulting from a poor attitude, or ignorance of the perpetrator in regards to the proper conduct and laws surrounding sexual behaviour.

There are numerous services provided for victims of sexual assault in London. London Police have a sexual assault unit which is sensitive to the emotional issues surrounding the victim. On campus, anyone can receive free counselling through the Student Development Centre, or find confidentiality and help in Equity Services and the Student Health Centre. Don't be afraid to use these services.

Mike Reed
Urban Development III

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