Volume 91, Issue 38

Wednesday, November 5, 1997

Nip it in the bud


Propaganda for the masses

Re: Teachers have no business striking, Oct. 31

To the Editor:

Some points of Andrusyshyn's argument are in desperate need of clarification:

1) The glaring error made with respect to teachers' working hours needs to be addressed. Obviously, teachers' hours correspond to students' hours, yet the writer fails to comprehend the notion that extracurricular activities do not organize themselves. Nor does he realize that marking and report cards, as well as parent-teacher interviews conduct themselves. It is also worth mentioning that not every job is 9 to 5.

2) On the subject of "needless" trustees, Andrusyshyn faults again. The job of a trustee is a local concern, as they ensure the school board is running smoothly. Needless to say, what is good for a school board in Metro Toronto, is not necessarily good for a rural school board. With a trustee, the school board is specialized for the differences in each setting.

3) Using unqualified teachers – now there's a solution that's as practical as hiring Pat Riley to coach the local elementary school basketball team. Riley may know a lot about a three-man press, but does he know how to relate that information to, say, a rambunctious 12-year-old?

4) The involvement of the C.A.W and other unions is a pressing problem for one that has no knowledge of democracy, John Locke or any other natural-rights thinker. The solidarity of the unions is relief to those in favour of a democratic society. Bill 160 seeks to create an Education Improvement Commission that is above the law. Not even the Supreme Court will be able to challenge the power of this body, which will be filled with Harris' political friends through patronage. Centralizing power will enable the Commission or the Ontario government to slash another $667 million from the system, thereby increasing the quality of education and democracy in this brave new Ontario.

To the ignorant masses, there is still hope to free your minds from the cave and see the sunlight instead of the talking head on television telling you what to think. There is a catch though – like education, you get out of it what you put in it.

Ryan Jeffries
Honours History II

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