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Volume 91, Issue 39

Thursday, November 6, 1997

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A Tonic Boom!

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HOW ABOUT A LITTLE GIN TOO? Tonic is gonna hit the stage at The Embassy tonight to shake and stir their meaningful melodies.

By Justin Klein
Gazette Staff

So just what has set Tonic apart from the floods of other bands that have attempted to penetrate the tightly-guarded gates of North American radio? Well, having an intoxicatingly catchy song and a rather solid rock album doesn't hurt.

Tonic has proven to be one of 1997's runaway success stories and mainly because of their consistent touring, the group is also paving the way towards continued success with a dynamite live show.

Not a regular alternative rock band, Tonic is superior in the art of making music much deeper than the actual beats – something that has hit home all over the world.

"I love the fact that people in Europe enjoy our music," lead singer Emerson Hart relays, adding he wouldn't mind traveling to Australia to start the group's next album. "The peaceful environment will be the perfect setting."

The band is composed of Hart, Jeff Russo (lead and rhythm guitar), Kevin Shepard (drums) and Dan Lavery (bass). They have traveled the world for 19 months, including a tour in Europe and have now decided to bring smiles to the population of London, Ontario tonight at The Embassy.

This quartet of musicians has gone platinum in the U.S. after selling over a million records, as well as unloading over 50,000 records in Canada – worth the "gold" title. After next Friday, their tour will continue until December, when the band hopes to get started on their new album.

Their music is filled with meaning, not just words that sound kind to the ear. The audience can hear their music and feel their message and while their words don't always sing of perfect love or ideal situations, they speak of realistic love.

"Our music appeals to all five senses and that is why it is so popular," Hart says. "It speaks of the problems each and everyone of us faces."

Tonic's smash hit single, "If You Could Only See," sings of the blindness of love and talks about how men are women's toys – teaching of the pain a man feels when his lover consistently inflicts suffering upon him – enough to make any man reach for a tonic.

Tonic's ability to express and appeal to the real emotions of listeners, illustrates the band's influence – a good reason why 'Tonic' is the name of choice.

Tonight at the Embassy, Hart and Tonic will be on the rocks – alternative style. Think of the band as: a smooth classy drink that brings out a wild side of each and everyone thirsty for good music.

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