Volume 91, Issue 39

Thursday, November 6, 1997

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Re: Take Out The Trash, Oct. 30

To the Editor:
The level of ignorance which seems to be firmly entrenched within the boundaries of this country-club university continually amazes and disgusts me. In his letter, Patrick Callaghan states that it's "not so much the posters, but rather the in-your-face approach that is taking students at Western aback." Yet, in the next sentence, he complains about "gay porn." This is a rather antagonistic way of describing the uwOUT! posters, especially since they were not, in any realistic sense of the word, pornographic. He then goes on to refer to them as "trash" and "garbage." Gosh. It sounds to me like SOMEONE has a problem with them.

In this letter, we have yet another example of the "I'm not a bigot/racist/homophobe, BUT..." school of thought which so many letter writers in The Gazette seem to subscribe to. I have no idea what Mr. Callaghan is talking about when he refers to homophobia and then says "whatever that means these days." Mr. Callaghan, it means the same thing it's always meant; hatred and/or fear of homosexuals. Boy, life would be so much better for us "decent people" if all those nasty gays just got back into the closet where they belong and stopped bothering us, wouldn't it?

One last thing; I scanned Ms. Duggan's letter for something even remotely resembling the "childish name calling" Mr. Callaghan refers to and came up empty. If defending one's actions against vicious, ill-informed attacks is considered name calling... well, let me just say this; if Ms. Duggan's attitude towards those who condemned the posters is "closed-minded," what is your attitude in comparison? You're the one telling her she does not have the right to "show this gay porn." On whose authority are we speaking here, Pat?

Beau Levitt

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