Volume 91, Issue 39

Thursday, November 6, 1997

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Ridiculous rhetoric

Re: Teachers have no business striking, Oct. 31

To the Editor:
I can't believe there are people out there who have the nerve to put their name behind such ridiculous arguments.

First of all, using unqualified teachers would be immeasurably detrimental. The term itself, "UNQUALIFIED teachers," gives you an idea of the right of such individuals to be teaching anything. The actual knowledge a teacher has about any given subject is secondary to their ability to actually teach. What good is a wealth of knowledge if one isn't able to communicate any of it? To say a teaching certificate isn't necessary to teach music isn't even funny. Students take music education because they have to learn how to teach it. You can't just stand in front of a class of students and regurgitate everything you know.

Then there's the grand delusion that teachers who lose their jobs will be no big loss because the government will only get rid of the bad teachers. What makes you think the government is going to take the time and money to assess all the teachers in Ontario, fire all the bad ones and keep only the good ones? They'll probably dish out a ton of early retirements and leave it at that.

Consider the integral role education plays in one's life and remember at the centre of that stands the teachers.

Gavin Kistner
Arts I

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