Volume 91, Issue 39

Thursday, November 6, 1997

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MIT students now represented

By Sandra Dimitrakopoulos
Gazette Staff

Students of the newly implemented Media and Information Technoculture program have taken the initiative to create a students' council but are unsure as to where their funding will come from.

In a meeting last night with almost 10 per cent MIT student representation, candidates were acclaimed into the eight positions on the council. The main issue up for discussion next, is what to do for money.

Dave Burrows, a political science and MIT student, has been involved in organizing the council and said he approached University Students' Council President Ryan Parks about recognition and receiving funding at the beginning of the year, but has not received a straight answer.

Because there never has been a new faculty at Western which had students who also wanted to seek representation, Burrows said he believes the USC is having trouble figuring out how to handle the situation.

"I do feel like I am getting the run around a little bit." The faculty has not yet been recognized by the USC, which may also result in a lack of funding, Burrows added.

Parks said because of the circumstances of the new program, they have had trouble figuring out the exact processes involved in funding it.

The USC would have to know exact numbers, have a definition of an MIT student and know what the money was going towards, he said. "No one will be left out in the cold and we can make concessions if necessary."

Carole Farber, chair of the undergraduate MIT program, said it is a program within the faculty of Communication and Open Learning but is similar to the faculty of arts, sciences or social sciences.

"It is important for students of like minds to form associations but the students must also want to do it," she said. "So far, they have been very responsible in trying to find a way to establish a council."

New council members include President Ron Tarter, vice-president Kurtis Graham, VP-social Marissa Schroder, VP-finance Maria Hanrahan, VP-communications Heather Hickey, secretary Derek Stinson, faculty council rep Sean Silverberg and first-year rep Vanessa Piccinin.

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