Volume 91, Issue 40

Friday, November 7, 1997

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Hot air affair

Re: Teachers Failing, Nov. 4

To the Editor:
I become quite irritated when people who think they've got all the answers feel the need to spew forth derogatory names and a few too many rhetorical questions. On the basis of his comments about the teachers' strike, Andrew Wells appears to be such an individual. If a person intends to present an argument, that person really ought to have some concrete facts to back up that position. No one questions an individual's right to free speech in this country, but emotionally-charged statements completely riddled with bias do not pass as solid evidence in any well-written document I've ever come across.

Show me statistics indicating that being educated in Ontario is the main factor in a non-successful life and I'll listen to arguments about how our students are unprepared for "the real world." Deny the fact health care workers, auto workers and civil servants fought tooth and nail against downsizing and streamlining and I'll believe teachers are the only ones up in arms. Prove to me that the "de-streaming fiasco" was not a government initiative and I'll put up with complaints about mismanaged programs.

Give me concrete evidence Mr. Wells and then I will listen to your opinions. Until such a time, I remain irritated by such a lot of unfounded hot air rushing past my ears.

Sarah Glassford
Social Science I

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