Volume 91, Issue 40

Friday, November 7, 1997

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Huff and puff

Re: A dose of objectivity on a sensitive issue, (Council votes to keep ex-soph despite claim of sexual advances), Oct. 28

To the Editor:
First, Mr. Yiokaris should do some real research and look into the meaning of hearsay so as to prevent the litter of factual inaccuracies contained in his letter. How can Mr. Yiokaris base his arguments on facts he did not observe? How can he state that The Gazette's account was not "objective and balanced," when he was not present at the meeting?

Second, Mr. Yiokaris throws out legal terms like "fundamental rights," "innocent until proven guilty" and "tribunals" out of context and without understanding their full content. The criminal court is not the only forum of adjudication. Robert's Rules of Order, which govern parliamentary procedure, allows for the formation of a tribunal which is given full jurisdiction to conduct a trial and make a determination of the facts. The tribunal was comprised of members of Council noted for their integrity and fairness. After deliberating for more than 15 hours, the tribunal made a recommendation for Mr. Trier's removal, pursuant to Robert's Rules of Order. Mr. Yiokaris, your legal authorities should be from reputable legal treaties – not from Hollywood.

Lastly, I applaud Mr. Yiokaris' admission into Western Law and hope that he's enjoying his first few weeks of law school. However, perhaps Mr. Yiokaris should exercise some discretion and spend a year or two in law school before claiming to be an authority on the law.

Peter Cho
USC Legal Affairs Officer

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