Volume 91, Issue 40

Friday, November 7, 1997

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Look to the future

Re: Teachers have no business striking, Oct. 31

To the Editor:
Mr. Andrusyshyn applauds giving the government the right to control education. In an appeal to the democratic process, he wrongly states that we vote for government officials, not the head of the Board of Education. He has it backwards. Currently in Ontario there is a municipal election campaign going on. Local citizens are asking other local citizens to elect them to be their trustees on local boards of education. As for government officials, who voted for John Snobelen or his replacement? But, I have to remember that in Mr. Andrusyshyn's province, since it's O.K. to let unqualified teachers head classrooms, it must be the same for government ministries.

At the core of the work stoppage is the very democratic process Mr. Andrusyshyn invokes. The scope of Bill 160 is scary. This sweeping consolidation of power by the provincial government is what concerns teachers and the non-partisan groups of parent volunteers from public and separate school boards around the province. They are fighting to preserve publicly-funded education in Ontario.

I am uncomfortable and even frightened by Mr. Andrusyshyn's suggestion that industry would also benefit by having a direct link in the classrooms to workers of the future. I don't see the kids splashing down my street as industry's future data entry technicians. As a matter of fact, I don't see them walking to school at all these days because of Ontario teachers commitment to stopping the realization of a vision which dehumanizes classrooms.

Mr. Andrusyshyn concludes that Bill 160 will benefit students by hopefully raising the quality of their education and ends with "Way to go, Mike!" I cannot not praise just one man; my hope is for the future of 2.5 million kids and the future of Ontario.

Kevin Angelo Hehir
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