Volume 91, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 1, 1997



Casualteez ad ok

Re: Mad over ad, Sept. 12

To the Editor:
I just picked up my Westernizer, eager to behold the controversial CASUALTEEZ advertisement first hand. Expecting what Natalie Clarke refers to as a "piece of outright harassment integrated into the Westernizer," I was disappointed. Not by the fact that it wasn't as racy or controversial as I thought it would be, but by the fact that there are people out there who believe this commonplace advertisement to be "outright harassment".

To begin with, Natalie, there are far, far more advertisements in all sorts of readily available publications (some of which actually do border on harassment) that deserve your attention. Secondly, of the public you are addressing, approximately half are women and you will notice that there is a fair number of them here on campus that dress in an equally, if not more provocative manner than this Swedish school teacher. Lastly, what is so wrong with a little aesthetic beauty to brighten up our days?

It would be nice if Natalie and everyone else out there like her would do society a favour: don't cry wolf when its only a fox.

Levon Stevenson
Philosophy III

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