Volume 91, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 1, 1997



A Tasteless welcome

Re: Frosh signs on highway 401

To the Editor:
During Western's frosh week there were signs that qualified as more than disturbing placed on the 401 en route to London. They read "Welcome to Western, Thank You Fathers for Your Virgin Daughters" and "Sex is Coming".

This pathetic advertisement for the university suggests that the women commencing studies are not arriving for an education but to be used for sex by the men; handed over by their fathers as though a piece of property.

The word "virgin" is stating that the women would presumably be virgins, as if not to have sexual desires or sex lives of their own. These signs are blatant harassment and should be recognized as such.

Would the men who put up these signs feel safe to leave their mothers, daughters, sisters or female friends in such a hostile environment towards women? With these indignant attitudes is it any wonder campuses are the breeding ground for violent sexual assaults? Whoever was responsible for the posting of these signs should be ashamed of themselves for having such an immense disrespect for their fellow human beings.

Angela Jones
Anthropology & Women's Studies II

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