Volume 91, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 1, 1997



Greek rebuttal

Re: Greek garbage shows disrespect for campus, Sept. 25

To the Editor:
I was visiting my parents in London this week when I happened upon a copy of The Gazette. To my dismay, yet not surprise, there was a letter from a student whining about the greek system.

Well, as I said as an undergraduate and will continue to promote in my graduate and then professional years: relax and deal with it. If you are an opponent of the greek system, don't join it. For there are many people who both endorse it as well as live by it and they don't want to harm you.

Also, this is not LSU, if you did not notice. Americans have a tendency to abuse their alcohol, as the drinking age is 21 and they begin university at age 18. Here at Western, most students begin school already at the legal age of 19. If one thinks about these numerical facts long enough, the differences between U.S. and Canadian greek systems should become clear as a bell.

So, Dory Boyer, realize the differences in cultural phenomenons and know an Inter-fraternity Council $200 security deposit will pay for the Concrete Beach clean-up. Finally, watch where you walk, for you never know when a band of dangerous frat-boys are gunning for your feet.

Oliver D. Griffin

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