Volume 91, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 1, 1997



Westminster expands

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

Westminster College announced its plan yesterday to build a new residence complex by September 1999 to help Western meet current housing demands.

Although the plan has been in the works for a few years, the timing is appropriate in light of Western's recent enrollment numbers, said Kerry Hill, executive director of the the college.

"Our plans were put in place over the summer and when we saw the [enrollment] numbers for this year, we decided to go ahead," he said.

The college's plans involve two phases of construction. The first involves building a new residence and administrative conference centre, said James MacNeill, chair of the board at Westminster.

"The board will decide in October if we will go ahead right away with phase two, which involves the building of a second new residence building," MacNeill said. The two buildings will house approximately 250 students in total.

The style of the new residences will depend on input from a student focus group in October, Hill said. "The proposed style is similar to Essex Hall, with apartment-style rooms. There seems to be a demand from students for single rooms," he said, adding unless students object to this plan, it will be implemented when the construction of the building begins in the spring of 1998.

The new conference centre will serve both residents and community programs and will include a kitchen, dining room and meeting space for approximately 200 people, Hill explained.

The first new residence will be located between the existing Westminster administration building and Richmond Street, situated perpendicular to Medway Creek. The conference centre will reside next to the existing residence and administration building along the creek, Hill explained.

Westminster College also plans to have an Internet wiring system similar to Western's Reznet system installed in its existing residence completed by the fall of 1998.

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