Volume 91, Issue 26

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

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A religious view?

Re: Society makes it difficult to pay special honours to God, Oct.8

To the Editor:
In response to a question raised in the letter as to why we take religion lightly, it's a good question. But before I start I should state I'm an atheist so I tend to see religion and "enlightenment" a bit differently than believers.

The God that was referred to, I am assuming, is the same as the God of Abraham, Father of Christ and Allah. Jewish, Christian and Islamic scripture all write about the same God. Yet the Jews were persecuted by the Christians (re: Spanish Inquisition, Holocaust to name a few), the Muslims and Christians went at it for hundreds of years (let's remember the fall of Constantinople shall we?) and of course the Arab-Israeli wars. How many have died in the past because one religion believed their truth was "the" truth? A truth that has its basis in the same God! What of the fates of believers in different gods? The "pagans" and "idolators" were slaughtered by the thousands (read the Old Testament, it's all there)! The point was made about misusing the Lord's name. Now unless I'm mistaken, one of the Ten Commandments kind of frowns on killing too, doesn't it (look it up if you have to)? Yet it was done.

I'm not trying to put down religion. But some people really have to "en"lighten up. Isn't it better that we live in a secular, democratic society where people aren't persecuted for their religious beliefs? To trash enlightenment as being "anti-religious" isn't right. Enlightenment gave us the separation between religion and government and the choice to practice what religions we wanted without fear of persecution. To say it led to people making God look like Homer Simpson probably isn't too far off. But it also led to me having friends that are Muslim, Christian, Hindu and Jewish who don't hate one another because of their religion. Just remember, sometimes you have to look at the good as well as the bad. And in any case, all sins are remembered on the day of judgement, so whoever did the Homer Simpson thing will probably pay for his sins.

Boris Lee
Hon. Genetics IV

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