Volume 91, Issue 26

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

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Revive O-week

Re: Uppers to be ousted from residences next year, Oct. 3

To the Editor:
I just wanted to say something about administration's recent attack on Western's O-week. I am referring, of course, to the decision to decrease the number of rooms available to upper-year students in residence.

Although I agree with the school's attempt to offer all first-year students a room in residence, the removal of spots open to upper-year students will jeopardize the effectiveness of O-week. Fewer upper-year spots means fewer or no Sophs. As an upper-year student and Soph, I see this as a serious problem. The reason that Sophs volunteer their time to be part of the orientation team is because we want to help first-year students make the transition to university.

As upper-year students we are a valuable resource to the first-years. Some of us have been here for a number of years and know the in's and out's of university life. By eliminating the amount of rooms designated to upper-years students, the Board of Governors is restricting first-year students access to a valuable resource. I've lived in Saugeen-Maitland Hall for four years and one of the only reasons I keep coming back is because I want to give something back to the first-year students, which I received when I was a Frosh – a friendly face, who was available to answer my questions about university life or show me where I could find the answers I was seeking.

Fellow students and alumni, don't let administration destroy Orientation Week for future first-year students.

Michael Retter
Visual Arts/Anthropology IV

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