Volume 91, Issue 26

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

Country Club road


A brother in arms

Re: Headline an insult to Greeks, Oct. 9

To the Editor:
As a dedicated front line soldier in this country's Multikulturkampf, I was greatly moved by Stavros Rougas' heartfelt plea for tolerance and understanding. Although, forgive me but I do not truly understand his pain, it is a sad day when our society's social sociability has descended to a level in terms of which government-recognized communities can be treated with such coldhearted disrespect.

Has The Gazette learned its lesson? Or is it destined to remain a beacon of intolerance and hatred?

I fear it is the latter. On the front page of the very same edition in which Mr. Rougas shares his race's humiliation there is open incitement to cannibalism against the English monarchy ("Queen's eases hunger pains"). Your grammar is as weak as your social consciences. Over the page is a reference to the murder and consumption of ethnic Turks ("Feathers fly over ethics of eating turkey this holiday") that does not even recognize their U.N.-sanctioned right to be a proper noun. I will not even mention the hate-inspired reference to people of low socio-economic conditions in the music section.

I urge every student who values diversity to let The Gazette know that such hatred and ignorance is profoundly unacceptable.

Mike Davidson

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