Volume 91, Issue 27

Thursday, October 16, 1997

Bored of Governors


USC second opinion

Re: USC bureaucracy, Oct.8

To the Editor:

The USC a bureaucratic nightmare? Two or three secretaries, half a dozen executive and maybe a half a dozen office staff is a "bewildering bureaucracy?" Have you ever tried to approach the USC? None of the USC executives I spoke to could recall either of you ever coming to speak to them about your concerns during the six months or so that they've been in office. The USC does change from year to year and I've found this year's group to be exceptionally approachable. Maybe you should actually talk to them before you slam them.

Yes, the USC is a corporation with an annual budget of around $14 million. Personally, I'm glad of that fact. Most of this money comes from and is spent on the services the USC provides and many of these services, such as the Used Book Store, would never be provided by Western's administration. The USC isn't an organization the administration can ignore (although they certainly do try).

Finally, I'm wondering what closed-door USC meetings you're talking about? Perhaps you're thinking of the University's Board of Governors. The administration at Western is not terribly well-known for their openness, I know. USC meetings, on the other hand, may be attended by any and all students who wish to come out. Occasionally, a portion of some of the meetings may have to be moved into confidential when legal issues are brought up, but this confidentiality is relatively rare. Last week's meeting was held beside CentreSpot for crying out loud, so I'm puzzled as to what you mean by "closed-door."

In short, gentlemen, I do admire the energy and commitment you have to the student voice. The USC would certainly be better for having your dedication and ideas working with it to get the message through. But instead you've chosen to try to split the student voice so that you can lead your own splinter group. A less productive choice, perhaps, but yours to make.

Peter Ash
Honours Economics IV

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