Volume 91, Issue 28

Friday, October 17, 1997

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Homecoming helping hand

Re: Homecoming Purple Fusion

To the Editor:
We all know about the football game and how disappointing it was, but nothing was quite as disappointing as hiking up to the UCC only to find out that tickets for Purple Fusion '97 were sold-out.

As fate would not be on our side Saturday night, we were stuck pleading with The Spoke manager who would not let us in, claiming he did not have guest privileges. I then spoke with a Homecoming staffer, explaining how others in our group had been admitted without tickets and that I too should be treated the same. I understood their point that no ticket equals no entry but it was still hard to swallow that at a university so geared towards a untied feeling I was being left out and treated differently than others who also didn't have tickets.

There came to the rescue Meghan Symsyk, USC VP-student affairs who explained that despite guest privileges, she could not let us into The Spoke without tickets – end of case. And in truth I had to respect her rules and integrity. For most people, here is where the night would end and at most schools you might walk home feeling like a loser and watch a Saturday Night Live rerun; but at Western everybody will lend you a helping hand. After explaining her inability to get us in without a ticket, Meghan offered to help us find someone who had extra tickets. And sure enough, five minutes later she found someone selling three extra tickets, just what we needed. Not only did we get into The Spoke but had the best Homecoming ever.

I look back and not only see the Homecoming staff as accountable to the students they represent but also a bunch who really care and look out for the students they help. Thank you once again Meghan for all the help and thanks to all the Homecoming staff as well. Maybe next year I'll remember to buy tickets well in advance!

Raffi Mazmanian
Biology IV

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