Volume 91, Issue 28

Friday, October 17, 1997

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Women's soccer: Mustangs caught in a nill pickle

By David Vernon
Gazette Staff

On Wednesday the women's soccer team traveled to Guelph to face the Gryphons in what could be a preview of the province's Western divisional finals.

In a rather unexciting fashion, the Mustangs and the Gryphons finished in a scoreless tie, giving both teams an extra point in the standings. As a result, Western still holds a four-point lead on Guelph atop the division standings.

"We basically out-worked them for 90 minutes and couldn't get any luck around the net," Erin Howell said of the team's performance.

Unfortunately for the Mustangs, their offence has been dreadful on the road, having tied four times. According to Amme Harding, focusing on their offensive skills in practice will play a large role in the overall development of their offensive game.

"We just can't capitalize on our corner kicks," she said. "We just keep failing to finish the play."

Although the offence was not performing up to par, the Mustang defence was as ferocious as ever. Swarming all of the Gryphon players in true Mustang fashion, the defence kept Western in the game.

Feeling optimistic about their position in the Ontario West standings, the Mustangs won't see much competition down the road as they take on teams occupying the cellar of the division with Windsor on Saturday and Waterloo on Sunday.

"We're confident going into both games on the weekend," Howell commented. "The last time we faced them we defeated Windsor 5-3 and easily took care of Waterloo."

The Mustangs have developed a two-fold plan for winning which includes both good defence and hard work on offence. The 'Stangs believe if their defence can play up to its potential, the scoring touch which has eluded them, will inevitably return.

Western will need to find a way to get the ball to their scorers like Sara Nathanson and Carmyn Aleshka. Without the offensive capabilities, the Mustangs will find their soccer games longer and more stressful against the tough opposition, but most importantly, they will find out their season didn't last as long as expected.

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