Volume 91, Issue 21

Thursday, October 2, 1997



One too many

Western students have a new cocktail to swallow this week – a USC-sponsored mixture of information, too crammed with ingredients to decipher the elements.

The harsh, heterogeneous solution is composed of awareness weeks, campaign kick-offs and a bunch of events to educate even the naivest of students. The only problem, however, is with so many things going on at the same time, students need an awareness week to inform them of the awareness weeks and a kick-off to kick-off the kick-offs.

The ingredients of Western's mighty potent cocktail include an AIDS awareness week, an alcohol awareness week, the United Way kick-off, Charlie Brown registration, a Campus Fest on the Concrete Beach and, of course, Homecoming. There is way too much foam coming out of the USC kegs and Western students are expected just to drink up like a pack of thirsty football players at the Ceeps.

Holding alcohol awareness week the same week as Homecoming is a good gesture but students will most likely go home Friday afternoon in need of some scotch to relax after being bombarded with so much information. This awareness week could have been last week and the student body would then know in advance what drinking this weekend will end up doing to their bodies.

Charlie Brown registration has also been dumped into the Homecoming week concoction. This questionably important period could have been delayed later until October when those who care about it could pay more attention or at least be aware of it.

Keep it coming bartender... that's not enough.

A hint of the United Way for taste is felt going down the student throat as well. It is a crucial charity and the kick-off could not be avoided but the impact of United Way has been as intense as non-alcoholic beer. If there weren't so many ingredients in the cocktail, students would see how important and worthwhile the cause is.

The AIDS awareness week is another extremely important event but unfortunately the national campaign falls within the period when all these other events and messages are lost. Perhaps breaking away from the national agenda and having Western's own AIDS awareness week later in October would have been worthwhile.

Mixed drinks taste good but there comes a point when each element becomes immaterial because it's fighting everything else that's thrown in. The end result is a bland mixture, not paying justice to its ingredients.

The University Students' Council should use this week as a case study when planning for next year. Education programs are effective when one issue is highlighted. Otherwise, Western Students are left with nothing but a severe case of gas and a numbing hangover.

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