Volume 91, Issue 21

Thursday, October 2, 1997



Baby Blues

Re: Daycare funding

To the Editor:
I have read The Gazette wondering if the shortage in daycare subsidies would be mentioned. As most people on the 250-person waiting list are students, myself included, I was waiting for some representation of support. None.

I guess I am partly to blame – I've only hassled The London Free Press since August and have learned who returns your calls at City Hall. Maybe there would be more concern if the University Students' Council respected the fact that mature students have special needs and concerns. Unfortunately, unable to see even that far into their future or show any empathy, mature students are no longer represented on the council. We "are already represented" by other members, they state.

Nobody seems concerned with daycare or with the other parental needs I have. Writing exams on Saturdays, my only day with my daughter, is a concern of mine.

Thankfully, financial services has helped to the best of their ability with my $150 a week costs. Maybe some of them are parents too.

Janet Logan

Social Science I

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