Volume 91, Issue 21

Thursday, October 2, 1997



More Rubbish

Re: Greek garbage shows disrespect for campus,Sept. 25

To the Editor:
This letter is directed at statements made by Dory Boyer in his letter. It is fortunate that you have the initiative to write about your concerns regarding the year long mess on Concrete Beach.

I find it rather inspiring that there are individuals at this university who lack respect for tidiness on Concrete Beach. But I do find it rather unqualified of you to simply push the disrespect of tidiness issue on one campus group (the members of fraternities and sororities).

This group did generate an increased traffic flow on the beach for greek week but was only part of the cause for the mess, as most of the mess stemmed from individuals lingering around the beach checking out the individual organizations and disposing of their snacks while doing so.

As you should be around age 25 by now (7th year at Western), I suggest that you re-examine your tendency to label groups with your own bias (which was negative in this case), as statements of that nature do not only give the group in question an undeserved image, but furthermore, cast a bad light on yourself.

Alexander Geiser

Hons. Politics IV

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