Volume 91, Issue 21

Thursday, October 2, 1997



Plain insensitive

Re: The Gazette hockey pool, Sept.18

To the Editor:
As I was paroosing over The Gazette hockey pool choices and going over what players I would stick with for our lengthy NHL season, I noticed a tasteless error in one of the categories entitled "Rolling Stones Wheelchair Tour." I chuckled at the idea of "Gorden elbows Howe" being one of my options, however as I looked a little further up the category, I noticed that John Cullen is also an option for this group.

Unfortunately, all three sports editors failed to realize that John Cullen was recently diagnosed with cancer and will probably not play in the upcoming NHL season. Three weeks ago, I noticed a picture of John Cullen in The Toronto Star where he was crying because his current chemotherapy treatments are failing.

John Cullen has been included in this hockey pool as part of a joke category just because he is nearing the end of his career. This is obviously a honest mistake on behalf of The Gazette sports staff, however, it makes me question the competence of the Sports Editors.

John Cullen may not be the superstar he once was, however this story has been in the papers for the last six weeks and it is a shame the Sports Editors failed to notice this extremely upsetting story earlier. Perhaps this mistake could have been avoided if John Cullen was a "bigger" name in the NHL or if The Gazette Sports Editors took greater pride in their work before they printed erroneous items.

Mike Alexander

Kinesiology II

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