Volume 91, Issue 21

Thursday, October 2, 1997



Beer Co. sponsors weekend

By Jael Lodge and Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

For the first time, Huron College's homecoming week has solicited the help of corporate sponsorship – Sleeman's Brewery. King's and Brescia Colleges as well as main campus however, do not seem to be following their lead.

The beer company's sponsorship of the week's events will be joined by involvement of the London chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in order to promote responsible drinking, said Eli Singer, Huron Students' Council's VP-events.

Although the idea of sponsorship is new, everyone has been very positive about it, said Graham Singh, manager of the Refectory bar at Huron College. "They appreciate that we're supporting a small brewery," he said.

Gerry Liddy of Sleeman's said sponsorship of the week's events includes providing Huron with a volume pricing deal on beer and T-shirts and hats to give as prizes. "It's a win-win situation for us," he said.

The prescence of MADD at the events will ensure that even though the events are being sponsored by a beer company, there will be a reminder of responsible drinking, said Sandra Thom, a board member of MADD's London chapter.

The organization has provided pamphlets and posters to Huron College and their presence is going to be apparent, Singer said.

However, MADD's name does not appear on posters containing Sleeman's name for the college's events due to a conflict of interest on MADD's part, Thom said. The proceeds from some of Huron's events will go to MADD, Singer added.

Western's other affiliate colleges, however, do not have corporate sponsorship. King's has never had sponsorship of its homecoming events and does not plan to do so this year, said King's College Students' Council President Courtney Hindross. "I'm not sure about a beer company sponsoring homecoming events, but I don't necessarily see it as a negative thing."

Amy Kohl, public relations commissioner for Brescia College's Students' Council said her organization did not consider sponsorship as their events are co-organized with other colleges and the Purple Spur.

Western's homecoming commissioner explained main campus' committee received some sponsorship from businesses like the Campus Computer Store for promotional and advertising purposes. "We were approached by Sleeman's as well but decided it wouldn't work out because there are so many people involved with different events," Heather Armstrong said.

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