Volume 91, Issue 29

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Something fishy


USC oversight

Re: Casualteez ad in the Westernizer

To the Editor:
Attention: Jamie Deans, VP Communications

We at the Teaching and Research Unit on Women and Education at Western's faculty of education raise our voices in disgust at the sexist depiction of an elementary school teacher that appears in the Casualteez ad in the Westernizer. This sexually provocative image stands in direct opposition to the reality of the dedication, hard work and professionalism necessary to be an effective teacher in today's underfunded classrooms.

Not only do we give Casualteez a failing grade for selecting such an ad, but also the USC for approving it when submitted for publication. The compilers of the Westernizer have a responsibility to ensure demeaning depictions such as these do not make it to press. Your homework: to establish a review committee in co-operation with your equity officer to ensure an oversight like this will not occur again.

Paula Marcotte
TRUWE Co-Chair
Janice Wallace
TRUWE Co-Chair

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