Volume 91, Issue 29

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Something fishy


Creative criticism

Re: Interpretational Ambiguity,Oct. 15

To the Editor:
Mr. Foerster's piece criticizing Professor Carroll's previous piece, "A Modest Proposal about Immodest Acts," was probably the funniest thing published by The Gazette this year. Foerster takes parody to a new level here by feigning ignorance of Carroll's homage to Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal and then writing a scathing so-close-it's-amazing satire of the type of literal-minded Bible reading initially parodied by Carroll. The piece almost convinces one that the writer takes Carroll's stance against heterosexuality seriously, instead of as the parody (and condemnation) of scripture-based attacks on homosexuals that it was.

Foerster's piece was so well done, I almost thought it was serious. But then I thought, naw.

Get this Foerster guy on your staff. He rocks.

Jonathan Stover
Ph.D. English IV

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