Volume 91, Issue 29

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Something fishy


The Reform resolution

Patrick Callaghan
President UWO Reform Club

The following resolution was drawn up by the UWO Reform Club. We would like to make a presentation concerning the Education Party of Canada at a future University Students' Council meeting.

The purpose of this resolution is not to claim the money, but rather raise the issue of the Education Party and ask if students really need it or benefit from it. This format is the most productive way to create a discussion.

Whereas the USC did willingly give $20,000 to a political party, the Education Party; and whereas the above mentioned "political party" ran only in the constituency of London North Centre; and whereas the Reform Party of Canada also ran a student from the University of Western Ontario in the constituency of London North Centre; now, therefore, demand on behalf of her Majesty, the Queen of Canada, Queen Elisabeth II, that the USC pay to the UWO Reform Club the equal amount of money given to the Education Party: Be it resolved that the USC bestow upon the UWO Reform Club a cash settlement of $20,000.

We, in the UWO Reform Club, believe that the Education Party was and is a farce. Every politically-minded person knows education falls under the domain of the province. Therefore, if the Education Party really wanted to voice its opinion concerning education policies, it would have been much more beneficial to do so in a provincial election.

If the intention of the USC, in running a student in the federal election in May 1997, was to further promote the voice of students, the Education Party was a total failure from the beginning. The Education Party was doomed to failure from the beginning due to many factors:

1) Education lies under the domain of the province.

2) The Education Party was running in only one riding.

3) By running in only one riding, even if it did win, the Education Party would never have been recognized by the government of Canada as being an official party.

4) The majority of students at Western were back home come election time, therefore the base of the Education Party's support was not around to vote.

5) The Education Party was created in an undemocratic manner. Who appointed the leader of the EducationParty? It was not done by the people who it was supposed to represent (i.e. the students).

The realities of the Education Party after the election:

1) The Education Party received only 300 votes.

2) The Education Party, therefore was not a serious contender in the election.

3) The Education Party was a failure.

The UWO Reform Club believes that support behind its candidate, Tara Bingham, would have been more beneficial to the USC than wasting money on the Education Party for the following reasons:

1) Tara Bingham was a student at Western during the election.

2) Tara Bingham ran on behalf of the Reform Party of Canada.

3) The Reform Party of Canada is the most democratic party in Canada, putting tremendous emphasis on MPs being accountable to their constituency, not their party.

4) The Reform Party of Canada is currently Her Majesty's Official Opposition.

5) The USC could have had an MP accountable to London North Centre who was a member of a recognized party in Parliament.

By siding with the Education Party, the USC discriminated based on political beliefs against all of the other political clubs on campus. The USC has set the stage for the acceptance of political discrimination at the University of Western Ontario. In the name of freedom we demand that the USC pay the UWO Reform Club $20,000.

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