Volume 91, Issue 30

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Suzuki side kick


Pussy's out of the proverbial bag

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THIS KITTY'S LARGE AND IN CHARGE. Nashville Pussy guitarist Ruyter Suys and the rest of the southern cats will make an imposing appearance Thursday night at Call The Office.

By Tim Merrill
Gazette Staff

There has been an evil disease plaguing rock 'n' roll for too damn long brothers and sisters. We're talking about a weak knee sickness called lameness and how it is responsible for countless boring pencil-necked bands from England, or the latest American Pearl Germ snorefest. Well, the sure cure for rock 'n' roll isn't a shot in the arm, but a swift kick in the ass and Nashville Pussy is more than willing to provide the boot.

After only being together for a little more than a year and with a non-stop touring schedule, Nashville Pussy has gained a notorious reputation for kicking out some no-holds-barred, blistering rock that's been blowing the roof off every watering hole lucky enough to see them play.

Nashville Pussy has risen out of the ashes of the great Cowpunk band, Nine Pound Hammer, as guitarist Blaine Cartwright has hooked up with bodacious axe-slinger Ruyter Suys and six-foot-seven lean and mean skyscraper bassist Corey Parkes. With the recent addition of drummer Jeremy Thompson, ex of the Phantom Creeps, Nashville Pussy has solidified into a lineup that has continued to bulldoze a path through the skulls of everyone who have witnessed their volatile live performance.

With the sight of two voluptuous women kicking out the jams on stage, one can imagine more than one fella in the audience becoming a little 'Overstimulated.' Some may try to get a little too friendly.

"You know what we find? We find a lot of submissive guys who want their asses kicked. 'Kick my ass please. I love it when you slap me. You should have slapped me harder.' It's like get away from me, totally." It's hard to imagine anyone wanting to get too close to the stage when Corey decides to 'Fire up the audience' by guzzling a little lamp oil and blowing flames above the crowd.

There's no doubt that the power of full-bore rock 'n' roll pumps through the veins of Nashville Pussy, and their commitment to rocking-out can be seen in the fact that they've played more than 100 gigs in just over a year. The band also received a bit of lip service on the Howard Stern show from actor Stephen Baldwin who happens to be a fan of Nashville Pussy.

"There's a lot of people who say 'God I wish I was in a band,' but they're not doing the right things to be in a band. They're in bands with people who don't want to be in bands. They don't tour, they don't do nothing."

With the release of several seven inches on Get Hip, Reservation and Black Lung records, Nashville Pussy has just finished recording their first full-length record for Amphetamine Reptile records, with producer Kurt Bloch of The Fastbacks.

"The recording went really good. We went in for six days. We managed to write one new song in the studio, but everything else were just songs we had been practicing for a long time. We're hoping the record will be out by January."

One would be wise to check out the weather forecast for the next few days, as there's been reports of a high speed twister set to touch down at Call the Office on Thursday night. To experience the full fury of true, barn burning, fire-breathing rock 'n' roll by two women who tear it up on stage, be sure not to miss Nashville Pussy.

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