Volume 91, Issue 30

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Suzuki side kick


Literary Corner

Paradise Found
The mountains peak
The voices speak
And you are here alone,
Will you stand the test
For all the rest
And carve the words in stone?
The danger is real
You are offered a deal
And the next hand could be your last.
But you walk like a man
Got the best laid plan
For the spell you're about to cast.
As you step to the stage
Your own words have aged
And it gets harder and harder to fake.
So you call on the muse
To chase off the blues
While she carries you up to the stake.
Are your senses numb
When the words don't come
Do you thoughtlessly grab at air?
But you can't ask why
When you climb the sky
For the cross is yours to bear.
With Paradise found
Listen for the sound
Of battles raging in the head.
Will there be a peace
When the voices cease
Have they loved you and left you for dead?
–Jeremy Schneider

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