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Volume 91, Issue 30

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

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"I will not live as a ghost in this town" Jann Arden, 'The sound of'

©Brad Lister/Gazette
SHOW YOUR PRIDE. This year's London Gay Pride parade attracted marchers from all walks of life who are part of the many who no longer want to live in silence.

A voice is being heard. And it's getting louder.

When we started planning this Focus in the summer we had lofty goals and ambitions – we wanted to try and shine a spotlight on modern homosexual life.

Singer Jann Arden lends a line that seems to sum up the struggle for gay and lesbian rights – 'I will not live as a ghost in this town.' Their presence is being felt more than ever. Whether it be in movies, on the news or making legislation, homosexuals are making a place for themselves.

So too, the issue of homosexuality itself is being debated at greater lengths. Although the lifestyle is accepted more in the '90s than it was in the '50s, the lifestyle is still a very controversial topic. Whether it is within the legal, religious or academic communities, gays and lesbians are fighting for equality while others have their own beliefs that establishments should be kept as they are.

Today's Focus includes stories on legal matters, media images, religion, support services, academics, the gay movement, coming out and gay businesses. We hope you find it interesting and informative, no matter what your sexual orientation.

We know this Focus section and Friday are not a definitive guide to homosexual life, they contain only a few of the aspects which encompass gay and lesbian issues. There is much more to be explored and we hope our efforts will be received with an open mind.

Natalie Henry and Brad Lister
Focus Editors

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