Volume 91, Issue 30

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Suzuki side kick


You can't stop the sporto prophet

Re: Curri attack unfair, Oct.7

To the Editor:
I was surprised to hear that John Intini was being bashed by the very people who should hail him as a prophet. John's article predicted the fall of the great Western football empire at the hands of the lesser Waterloo Warriors. Homecoming Saturday came and saw one of the bloodiest slaughters in recent history. Maybe M.J. Dodds was too busy drooling over Albert to see Curri get fed to the proverbial lions.

Intini said what every God-fearing Western football fan wanted to say and what they felt in their hearts – that Curri was a third-string quarterback on a first-rate team. Watching the Western offence on Saturday was like watching the Denver Broncos offence with a 70-year-old at the helm; even Albert would have been quicker off the gun than Curri.

Mr. Intini is a journalist warrior who, I hope, will continue to rage against the slow and the stupid who feel that one article could change the tide of a football game.

Please John, keep fighting the good fight. Keep speaking the truth and don't let those bastards drag you down.

Ryan Hyland
English/Film II

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