Volume 91, Issue 31

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Froshty the Snowman


Safety and security

Re: Safety on campus

To the Editor:
This is the time of life and year that dreams start coming true. Students have left home to prove themselves and begin their fulfillment in life.

The city has become more alive and busier with youth, their enthusiasm and their hope. It is also a reminder to students that statistics start to reveal many misfortunes as well.

Every year on college and university campuses there are deaths from car accidents and reports of abuse and rape. Beware, so that you are not one of those statistics. Nobody wants to receive one of those frightful calls late at night.

As a citizen, resident and parent I would like your time at Western to be a pleasant and successful experience, as well as a wonderful memory. It is only your wise decisions that will ensure this. Good luck and beware.

Eileen VanMeer
London Mother

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