Volume 91, Issue 31

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Froshty the Snowman


Some sound advice

Re: Everyone's a critic, Oct.16

To the Editor:
Once again, a Gazette reader has confounded figurative expression with literal meaning. Do they not teach the meanings of irony and satire in high school anymore? Professor Carroll's brief essay was IRONIC and by his emulation of Johnathan Swift's model "A Modest Proposal" he shrewdly exposed the myopia of literalist Biblical exegesis. His prose was NOT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY! If it was, you missed out on a very valuable moral lesson: condemning homosexuality with references to Biblical text is ill-concieved. As an alternative to numbing your mind with uninspired lines by a fictional neurotic half-wit, Mr. Perrier, I suggest you enroll in English 020, which will teach you all about literary forms and devices such as satire, irony and parody. By doing so, you will avoid embarrassing yourself so profoundly next time you are OBLIVIOUS enough to write to this paper.

Philip Casey
Law I

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