Volume 91, Issue 32

Friday, October 24, 1997

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Election tally up

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

Wednesday's University Students' Council by-elections showcased one of the largest voter turnouts Western has ever seen and one of the youngest representatives the university has ever seen.

Tim Morris, chief returning officer for the USC, said 2,797 Western students voted this week, about 14 per cent of the total student body. He said this election probably had the top voter turn-out of all time since USC elections usually average about 2,000 voters. The numbers surpassed his goal to get 2,500 students out to the polls and he said he used the Board of Governors election as an engine for this.

Students voted for faculty, Board of Governors, Senate and Senate-at-Large representatives.

New social science representative Cynthia Kumar was the only first-year student to be elected to any position. "I want to make sure my voice is heard," she said.

Kumar said she has already arranged a meeting with Western President Paul Davenport for next Friday, explaining she wants to meet the man responsible for dealing with all the important issues around Western's campus.

Morris said of the two days of voting, Tuesday was by far the most successful with 1,800 people voting, while Wednesday was not quite as successful. Morris blamed this on the first snowfall of the year happening on that day.

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