Volume 91, Issue 33

Tuesday, October 28, 1997



Explicit sex

Re: uwOUT! poster controversy

To the Editor:
It seems the issue of the uwOUT!'s posters on display during clubs week continues to come up in the campus media. I would like to make it clear that our posters were NOT depictions of EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY, as has been reported and referred to numerous times in The Gazette.

Our posters depicted nudes embracing. There were two nude men embracing in one poster and the other was of two nude women embracing. They were an artist's photographs intended to promote safer sex. They were tasteful, in that the viewer could see no more flesh than would be exposed in a bathing suit. To me they appeared to be pictures of a tender moment between two individuals that were involved intimately. They did not look to me to be sexual at all. And they were definitely not explicitly sexual. If what you saw was a depiction of explicit sexual activity, I would say either you are extremely sheltered and believe that is what sex entails, or that you are extremely homophobic and with one glance at a picture of two nude males embracing you saw explicit sex because you couldn't bear to look long enough to see what was actually there. Open your eyes Western, queers are here.

Alexa Duggan
President uwOUT!

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